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Mallori DeSalle

Indiana University
Motivational Interviewing Trainer
Ellettsville, IN
Mallori DeSalle, MA, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC, MATS, CPS
Mallori DeSalle is a licensed mental health counselor, nationally certified counselor, a medication-assisted treatment specialist and an internationally certified prevention specialist. Over the last 15 years working in mental health, substance abuse and prevention fields, she has served the field in a variety of roles including a community prevention coordinator, therapist, substance use educator and trainer. Since 2008, Ms. DeSalle has been a faculty member within the Department of Applied Health Science in the School of Public Health at Indiana University, Bloomington. Within her appointment at the university, Ms. DeSalle serves the Indiana Prevention Resource Center as the Outreach Coordinator and Lead Motivational Interviewing (MI) Trainer for the Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) program. She is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers and listed on the National ATTC SBIRT Trainers’ Registry. Ms. DeSalle provides MI and SBIRT training to multidisciplinary audiences across the world.

Mallori is a mother to 3 funny kids and has been married to an occasionally amusing husband for 15 years. Mallori has been a humor-enthusiast for perhaps her whole life, but has tried stand-up (and cracked a few jokes) for a couple of years. A 2019 Humor Academy I graduate Mallori hopes to be funnier when she grows up and is a full CHP. Mallori enjoys singing, traveling, listening to audiobooks (who has time to read anyway).